Agent PHDream – Receive 4 Unlimited Benefits When Joining

Agent PHDream – Receive 4 Unlimited Benefits When Joining

Agent PHDream program has officially been organized. Just register to participate, and you will receive an attractive bonus with a huge commission percentage. To grasp the most detailed information, readers should follow the following content.

Why should you become an agent PHDream?

PHDream always hopes to provide a great, safe playground for all bettors. To help members access the brand’s services, the channel organized a PHDream dealer event. This is a job with flexible hours and no workplace restrictions.

Agent PHDream is an attractive, flexible job

Unlike agents in other places, becoming a collaborator with a bookmaker will give members flexibility in terms of time. The unit will not require you to be on duty at the computer or phone during office hours. Instead, allow agents to arrange time to arrange their work and complete their KPIs.

No forcing KIP, no constraints

The bookmaker does not introduce KPI policies that make things difficult for agents. At this activity, the more people a member invites, the more attractive rewards you will receive. Therefore, if you are worried about KPIs, this is an unnecessary worry.

No forcing KIP, no constraints
No forcing KIP, no constraints

Based on the number of successfully invited agent PHDream, the system will automatically calculate the bonus for you. If the agent invites more people, starting from 5 members or more, you will receive an additional bonus. Detailed content on this issue will be mentioned below.

Unlimited objects

Agent PHDream activities are organized for all participating members. If you are looking for a “part-time” job, this will be your perfect choice. No time constraints, and no need to go to a fixed workplace.

However, collaborators of the bookmaker must be members who are 18 years old and have civil capacity. At the same time, you must comply with the regulations and terms required by the bookmaker. If the agent does not comply strictly, the channel will cancel the cooperation and will not provide commission profits.

Friendly and sociable environment

Inexperienced agents will receive enthusiastic support. During the participation process, if you do not understand any issue, you can immediately contact the staff for advice. The brand will accompany you, and help you promote and do propaganda activities.

General information about Agent PHDream events

In this activity, the brand offers two rewards for members. Each reward will have its requirements that you must meet. To understand the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled, please explore the content below.

Basic information about the PHDream Invite Friends event

Under the PHDream affiliate program, members only need to share the brand on different social platforms. These could be Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, and Telegram. With just one bookmaker sharing button, you have the opportunity to immediately earn 100,000 when participating in this activity.

Bookmakers that allow agent PHDream not to deposit can also be agents just share your link. These subjects will also receive agent benefits when participating in activities. The more members share, the more bonuses and benefits they receive.

The terms of the event are that members with all valid invitations (deposits over 200 PHP) will receive 1% of all deposits. Along with that is 0.1% of all bets, 68P + Angpao for every player along with surprise rewards at all levels. Members will receive bonuses immediately upon successful invitation.

Additional bonuses for bulk invites

The PHDream affiliate program requires players who share their link on any social network account will receive money. Accordingly, the more members share, the larger the bet will be. Then, you will receive a super attractive additional bonus.

Additional bonuses for bulk invites
Additional bonuses for bulk invites

Additional rewards for successful invitations are as follows:

  • The number of invited people is 5, additional bonus received is 100
  • The number of invited people is 20, additional bonus received is 400
  • When agent PHDream invites 50 members, an additional bonus received is 800
  • The number of invited people is 100, additional bonus received is 1600
  • The number of invited people is 200, additional bonus received is 3000
  • The number of invited people is 500, additional bonus received 10000
  • The number of invited people is 1000, additional bonus received 20000
  • The number of invited people is 2000, additional bonus received is 40000
  • The number of invited people is 50000, additional bonus received is 1600000
  • The number of people invited is 100000, additional bonus received 2800000

The number of people invited is 200000, the additional bonus received is 8800000

Take a specific example to help members better understand PHDream agency activities. If you invite a friend, the referral bonus will be 68PHP +Angpao. If you invite 5 friends, the bonus you receive is 68PHP*5 = 340PHP + an additional 100PHP = 440 PHP.

Instructions for joining agent PHDream 

If you want to participate in this activity at the bookmaker, the way to do it is extremely simple. Players just need to submit their link and share it on social networking sites as listed above. When completed, the system will automatically update the reward for you.

The time to receive bonuses at agent PHDream is as follows:

  • Members will receive a 1% commission sent every 00:30 am.
  • Members will receive a 0.1% commission sent every 00:30 am.
  • Members will receive 68PHP + Angpao sent hourly.
  • Members will receive exclusive rewards sent after 2 pm.

To check if the bonus is transferred on time, members need to access the “rewards center” section.

Some terms and conditions that members need to know

To participate in PHDream agency activities, you not only need to grasp some basic information. Besides, members need to know additional terms, rules, and regulations. The following information will answer your questions, let’s explore!

Referred members who send money to the agent will receive 1%. For example, if you deposit 100,000, the agent will receive 1,000 PHP. If the member continues to send back 100,000, the total amount the agent will receive is 2,000 PHP.

Some terms and conditions that members need to know
Some terms and conditions that members need to know

If you become an agent PHDream, when the introduced player places a bet, whether he wins or loses, you will still receive money. Specifically, players will be paid 0.1% as mentioned above. For example, if a member makes 100,000 for one bet, the agent will receive 100 PHP.

Successful agents invite members to deposit 200 PHP or more, you will receive 68 PHP + Angpao. For example, if the agent invites 7 players, you receive 68 PHP * 7 players = 476 PHP.

In case you become a premium PHDream affiliate, members will receive exclusive rewards. For example, if an agent invites 5 people, the exclusive bonus for you is 100 PHP. If you invite 10,000 people, the exclusive reward is 200,000 PHP.

As long as the person invited with your link uses the service at the bookmaker, the agent will receive a bonus.


Above is the detailed content of agent PHDream activities. Hopefully, with the information in this article, readers have grasped the basic information. To register, quickly visit the PHDream homepage now. If you have any questions about this activity, please contact the customer service team.

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